- The smallest/portable-sized capillary electrophoresis Bio-Fragment Analyzer for DNA, RNA and protein.
- Qsep1 is ideal for small laboratories with low throughput (1~8 samples) needs.
- The system supports Wi-Fi and cable connections, breaking the barriers of space.
- 10+ types of cartridges can be easily exchanged between various applications.
- The provided quantitative method delivers fragment size and concentration information in one run.

Qsep1 is an automated Bio-Fragment Analyzer for DNA, RNA and protein fragments. Advantages of capillary electrophoresis are high resolution (1~4bp if less than 500bp), high sensitivity (5pg/μl) and significantly faster preparation and analysis time. Besides analyzing fragment sizes and concentrations, it is also suitable for quality control of next-generation sequencing (NGS).

Qsep1 is equipped with completed hardware and software and has fully functional remote access via cable/Wi-Fi. The system provides various kinds of applications such as RNA quality control with RNA Quality Number (RQN) provided, auto-distribution of NGS QC and quality control of gDNA with DNA Quality Number (DQN) provided. Qsep1 is a top choice for modern small laboratory.

Qsep series can not only replace the complicated and time-consuming gel preparation and analysis procedure, but increase the accuracy of analysis, elevate efficiency and reproducibility, and reduce the human error and costs.

Disposable Gel-Cartridge(100~200 sample capacity without gel preparation)

DNA: S1, S2, S3, N1, N3
RNA: R1, NR1
Protein: P2



  • DNA: PCR fragment detection, cDNA QC, gDNA QC (with DNA Quality Number, DQN), plasmid DNA QC, fragmentation and library sample QC, cfDNA analysis, low concentration sample analysis, fragmental quantitative analysis, reagent optimization, etc.
  • RNA: Total RNA QC (with RNA Quality Number, RQN), RNA fragment analysis, and low concentration analysis.
  • Protein: Profiling check and protein purity analysis.





Automated Sampling

1~8 samples

Light Source


Rapid Analysis

2~7 mins/ sample (below 1 kb)

Separated Voltage

1~8 kV


1~4 bp (below 500 bp)


Wifi/ Ethernet Cable


5 pg/ µL

*1pg/ µL (If diluted in ddH2O)

Power Source

AC 100~240 V

Minimum Sample Volume

2 µL (Micro Vial, C104250)

10 µL (0.1 mL Tube)

20 µL (0.2 mL Tube)


80 W

Sample Consumption

≤ 1 pL

System Weight

5.5 kg



Relative qualitative and quantitative analysis Electrophoresis

Gel view image

Customer-oriented report


24*21*30 cm




For the details of installation and operation of Qsep1, please refer to the "Support & Download" (Click).

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