Laboratory Solution

  • PROJECT DETAIL High Resolution

    High Resolution

    DNA sample with 1 bp different can be resolved on Qsep Series platforms

  • PROJECT DETAIL High Molecular Weight DNA (HMW DNA)

    High Molecular Weight DNA (HMW DNA)

    With ongoing innovation and improvements in the biotechnology industry now scientists are able to isolate longer and longer lengths of DNA at the high molecular weight (HMW DNA) for genome research. For downstream applications such as third-generation sequencing, the HMW DNA quality becomes an important issue.

  • PROJECT DETAIL Oligo Nucleotide

    Oligo Nucleotide

    The term “oligonucleotide” or “oligo” usually refers to a synthetic laboratory-made DNA or RNA strand. Oligonucleotides are used in biochemistry, biology, molecular diagnostics, genomics, and other molecular biology experiments.



    The plastids may appear in different configurations such as loops with different degrees of winding, partial splits or threads, and tandem polymers. Common configuration categories are the covalently closed circular (ccc) form, the open circular (OC) form (also called "nicked form"), linear form (digested by restriction enzyme).