Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

BiOptic Inc.'s enterprise spirit is Innovation & Revolution.
“Innovation” is the foundation for the growth of BiOptic Inc., which “Revolution” is the driving force for the continuous breakthrough of BiOptic Inc.. Through the unique global innovative technology, we provide customers with high-quality, cost-effective and sustainable products to solve various challenges that encountered by all human beings in bio-fragment analysis.


Environmental sustainability is the goal for all global companies. BiOptic Inc. adheres to the belief of corporate growth and the co-prosperity of the ecological environment, and implements waste management, energy conservation and air pollution in daily operations such as R&D, production, procurement, etc. Prevention and so on, determined to become a benchmark enterprise for environmental protection.



As the only capillary electrophoresis products manufacturer in Asia, BiOptic Inc. has not forgotten the resources that provided by Taiwan. Especially for all the talents gathering in here, BiOptic Inc. not only conducts diversified products development or scientific research with various colleges and universities, but also held multiple scientific activities with different departments of academic institutions. Bringing the latest biotechnology knowledges and products to the campus, and contributes to youth education, and to gain the international competitiveness of next generation, and lastly, creating a better future for the globe.