Company Profile

Company Profile

BiOptic Inc. is a biotechnology instrumentation company that develops innovative scientific products for research and clinical applications.

The company was founded in 2004, with a vision of establishing high-quality, value-added, and customer-driven OEM/ODM solutions by developing and manufacturing products utilizing Capillary Gel Electrophoresis (CGE) Technology for biotechnology laboratories all over the world.

In 2009, BiOptic started to research and development of an innovative Capillary Gel Electrophoresis instrument utilizing disposable pen-shaped gel cartridges. The first patented CGE-based Fragment Analyzer Qsep100 was launched in 2011 at the Lab Automation Conference in Palm Springs, CA. For the past 7 years, BiOptic has expanded its portfolio of products by developing and introducing several CGE instruments: the Qsep1, the Qsep400, and most recently, the mini-PCR machine, Qampmini, that incorporates newly launched innovative Direct-PCR reagent kits.

BiOptic strives to be the leader in the biotechnology industry by providing, easy-to-use and cost-effective CGE-based instruments and to provide innovative technical solutions for the world's top institutions, government, and corporate laboratories.

With an R&D, Manufacturing, and Salesforce located in Taiwan and support operations in the US and China, BiOptic supports customers in over 50 Countries. Our team is recognized by our customers for our advanced instrumentation, superior customer service, scientific application support, and a very knowledgeable technical sales force.  With a company-wide commitment to quality and value, we serve professionals and laboratories dedicated to life science research, clinical diagnostics, pharmaceutical and food industries, animal husbandry and agriculture, performing diagnostic molecular genetic analyses.

BiOptic : Leader in Innovative Capillary Electrophoresis Products

Since the launch of the Qsep100 Bio-fragment Analyzer in 2011, BiOptic has successfully introduced the fully automated CGE systems of the Qsep1 (Portable Single-Channel CGE System) in 2017 and the Qsep400 (High-Throughput Multi-Channel CGE System) in 2018.

We have extended our product lines by developing and introducing PCR reagents and detection kits – such as the DirectGO, ExpressGO, AccuGO and Qexp test kits for research and diagnostics. In addition, we have also introduced the portable mini-PCR thermocycler (Qamp Mini).

BiOptic's goal is to be the industry leader by delivering world-class products and services to life science research and clinical diagnostics laboratories. 

Business Scope


BiOptic is committed to providing innovative solutions and products to our customers and collaborative partners, and when possible, exceeds our customers' expectations through the continuous improvement of our processes.

As an ISO9001 and GMP certified R&D and Manufacturing organization we are fully committed to maintaining the effectiveness of the Quality Management System to be in compliance with all other requirements, including those of a statutory and regulatory nature. We also are dedicated to providing high-quality products and services to satisfy our customers' expectations in quality, safety, reliability, and service.



BiOptic has maintained a commitment to invest in the exciting and rapidly-expanding area of molecular genetic analysis, and to develop, release and support products that help our customers.

Our scientists and R&D team are able to perform custom analytical services, and we welcome the opportunity to collaborate with our customers and industrial partners in OEM and ODM-type projects for mutual benefit.