S3 Cartridge (Kilo Base Cartridge)

S3 Cartridge (Kilo Base Cartridge)

S3 Kilobase Cartridge is ideal for 5~165kb large-sized DNA analysis. It applies to integrity test of genomic DNA, and quality check of plasmid DNA and long-read NGS library, supporting second and third generation sequencing and most QC procedures. The system also provides DNA Quality Number (DQN) for integrity reference, average sample size and relevant information.

S3 Kilobase Cartridge Kit

  • S3 cartridge is for large-sized DNA analysis.
  • It has a recommended 5~165kb size range and is ideal for quality control of second and third generation sequencing.
  • The system provides DNA Quality Number (DQN) for gDNA integrity reference.
  • Each cartridge can analyze 200 runs for single-channel cartridge or 800 runs for 4-channel cartridge.
  • The cartridge can be stored at 4~27°C and is valid for 6 months.

DNA Qualitative Cartridge Kit

Cartridge Name

Kilobase Cartridge (S3)

Analytic Time (per run)


1 sample / 9-21mins
*5mins (below 1kb)


4 samples / 9-21mins
*5mins (below 1kb)

Cat. No.



Sample Number

(per cartridge)


200 runs




800 runs

Size Range

20~60,000 bp
Detection Range: 20bp~ 165kbp

Sample Consumption

(per run)

< 0.1 µL


0.1 ng/µL*
2 pg/µL in water*

Recommended Sample Volume

0.1 mL tube: 10 µL
0.2 mL tube: 20 µL
Micro Vial: 2 µL

Best Resolution

10~50 bp

Guaranteed Shelf Life

6 months

* Determined by the DNA ladder (15-622 bp size marker, C109200) as sample
∆ Micro Vial (Cat. No. C104250)


For the details of installation and operation of S3 Cartridge (Kilo Base Cartridge),

please refer to the "Support & Download" (Click).