Bio-Fragment Analyzer



  • Qsep1 is a single-channel CGE system, designed to be used in mobile labs (operated at 12 V DC).
  • 1~8 sample capacity
  • Qsepprovides a complete biotechnology solution for field applications.


Qsep1 is a portable capillary electrophoresis system, that could be applied to any research laboratories, clinical laboratories, food farms in the fields instead of transferring the sample to the central lab and provide the precise analysis results. Qsep1 instrument is like boarding luggage size (24x 21x 30 cm) and has high flexibility in sample number (1~16 sample capacity). These compact and lightweight instruments can help researchers to turn molecular biology into "Moving Biology for Field-test". This professional portable capillary electrophoresis system has the completed software functions, including Smear, RNA auto-assign support, and with the high sensitivity cartridge (N1), this system could also analyze the diverse samples, such as cfDNA.