High Molecular Weight DNA (HMW DNA)

High Molecular Weight DNA (HMW DNA)

With ongoing innovation and improvements in the biotechnology industry now scientists are able to isolate longer and longer lengths of DNA at the high molecular weight (HMW DNA) for genome research. For downstream applications such as third-generation sequencing, the HMW DNA quality becomes an important issue.

Qsep series instruments combined with Kilobase Cartridge Kits (S3, C105206) / High Sensitivity Kilobase Cartridge Kits (N3, C105253) provide a novel biomolecules analysis platform with a rapid, convenient, and reliable solution for HMW DNA quality control.



High Sensitivity

10 kb library is serially diluted and analyzed by High Sensitivity Kilobase Cartridge, N3 (C105153), on Qsep100. The LOD can reach 32.75pg/μL.


High Reproducibility

The 500bp-23kb size marker (C109700) is tested repeatedly by the S3 cartridge on Qsep100. The sizing results present high reproducibility. The coefficient of variation (CV%) is less than 2.0% for each pack.

This figure shows four different commercial high-molecular-weight DNA ladders. The first red signal pattern is BiOptic Size Marker (500bp - 23kb). The blue signal pattern is Lambda DNA digested by Hind lll. The green signal pattern is the 60K digested by Nco I. The yellow signal pattern is NipponGene GT7 (10kb – 165kb). All these signal patterns are detected by Qsep100 using S3 cartridge (C105206).