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2019 Taiwan Healthcare+ EXPO
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2019 - 12 - 05

2019 Healthcare+ Expo Taiwan provides solutions for medicine and health care. From all aspects of healthcare needs, the show strategically links the electronics, IT, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical device, precision machinery, precision medicine, and health management industries.

The Qsep Series capillary electrophoresis system and the lightweight portable Qamp Mini PCR thermocycler plus reagent kits make the analysis of Bio-Fragments (DNA, RNA, Protein) fast and accurate.

We have extended our product lines by developing and introducing PCR reagents and detection kits – such as the DirectGOTM, ExpressGOTM, AccuGOTM and several test kits for research and diagnostics. In addition, we have also introduced the portable mini-PCR thermocycler (Qamp MiniTM).

BiOptic's goal is to be the industry leader by delivering world-class products and services to life science research and clinical diagnostics laboratories.


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