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BiOptic Inc. Biotechnology industry Marketing Camp
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2020 - 02 - 23

Bioptic Inc. held a Biotechnology industry Marketing Camp at the National Taiwan University GIS Conference Center on the 22nd and 23rd. Through the passing of industrial knowledge, marketing project briefings and field drills, it helped students develop basic skills for the future carrier.
The participants of this event are mainly college students, master, and doctoral students. In the team briefing, they took the latest product QSep1-Lite portable bio-fragment analyzer from BiOptic Inc. as a product case and aimed at the advantages of the product in terms of sensitivity, resolution, and performance, and various potential markets and pros and cons analysis methods (SWOT). 
During the review section, the review especially emphasized that the marketing plan must focus on the product, and pointed out who the key buyer is, who the customer is, what the project should be, whether it can be adjusted according to the use site, the details of the implementation plan, and What are the unmet needs.
Eric Tsai, Chairman of BiOptic Inc., said that the company has been on the road since 2004. In view of the fact that students in the field of biotechnology/biotechnology are becoming more and more confused about their careers in the industry, they hope to use this activity to introduce practical industry resources for young students and share knowledge and experience with future talents who want to join biotechnology industry.


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