2023 Global Distributor Meeting

From September 20, 2023, we convened our annual global distributor meeting, a significant event in our calendar. 

This gathering serves as a platform where our worldwide network of distributors, including such as Russia, Australia, Germany, Thailand, Vietnam, and even Arab countries. comes together to delve into our strategic initiatives and explore our product offerings, including the introduction of new items.

Our distributor network stands at the core of our business, and this assembly offers a valuable opportunity to fortify our partnerships and promote collaboration. It is a forum for the exchange of ideas and constructive feedback, as well as a moment to acknowledge and celebrate the remarkable achievements of our distributors across the globe.

In addition, we invite our valuable subsidiary partner - CatchGene to share the company's achievements and their product line. Through these sections, our distributors can realize that BiOptic keeps growing and expanding and they can rely on us and also our products. 

The synergy and joint efforts between BiOptic and our esteemed distributors will undoubtedly pave the way for us to attain our mutual goals and objectives.