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平台高解析度 (High resolution)

Qsep 系列平台可分析出樣品片段 1 bp 的差異,透過客製化之卡匣 (耗材),可分辨出樣品 200/205 bp (5 bp 差異), 200/204 bp (4 bp 差異), 201/204 bp (3 bp 差異), 200/201 bp (1 bp 差異)

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基因編輯技術 (CRISPR/Cas)

CRISPR is a Genome Engineering technique that uses protein to interact with DNA. Genome editing begins with dsDNA cleavage. Cas9 is a dual-RNA-guided dsDNA endonuclease that is programmed by a single chimeric RNA. The guide RNA positions the Cas9 enzyme to the correct position on the target DNA for cleavage.

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次世代定序 (Next Generation Sequencing, NGS)

次世代定序 (Next Generation Sequencing, NGS) 自2000年後被廣泛應用於各領域,包含: 基因體學 (Genomics)、轉錄體學 (Transcriptomics)等。除學術研究領域外,在臨床檢測 (Clinical test)、癌症篩檢 (cancer screening) 與藥物研發 (Drug development )也扮演重要的角色。

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