Qsep100 DNA Fragment Analyzer 

1.        Automated Sample Handling: Automated process for 96-well capacity

2.        Replaceable Gel-cartridge:

a.      No need for gel preparation

b.      100-300 sample runs

c.       Gel-matrix includes gel dye

d.      No more labeling of DNA sample

3.        Rapid Analysis: 2-7 minutes per run

4.        Sensitivity:  Detects as low as 0.1 ng/uL

5.        Resolution:          1-4bp (between 100-500 bps)

6.        Compact Design:          Fits on all lab benches

7.        Minimal Sample Input Valume:        1uL

8.        Software: Digital data for qualitative and quantitative analysis

9.        Data View

e.      Electropherogram

f.       Gel-view.