Next generation sequencing (NGS) is a versatile technology widely used in medical diagnosis, preventative medical research, cancer biology, and many fields of scientific research to investigate disease in genetic aspects. NGS is also commonly applied to microarray technology for larger lab/clinical–scale studies. Therefore, the QC workflow is critical to ensure the best and most desirable NGS analysis result. Its data analysis commonly applied for variant detection, DNA/RNA-seq, and ChIP-seq.

Accelerate your NGS sample QC workflow with the Qsep100 system. NGS QC system by Qsep100 confidently provides the precise result to ease your QC workflow. Developed by the industry-leader for innovative and simple to use products, the Qsep100 system offers scalable sample throughput and rapid time-to-results: Obtain results in approximately one minute per sample. Qsep100 combines the sensitivity of fluorescence detection with the versatility of a replaceable polymer-matrix and the possibility of automation in both sample handling and data analysis.

Simplify your workflow with ready to use consumables. Individual gel-cartridge allows good throughput at constant cost per sample run. Get the reproducibility you require with the throughput flexibility and speed you've been waiting for—experience the reliable, automated QC system by using Qsep100 system and see how truly scalable throughput can bring the results you need, on your terms. 

Figure 1: Electrophoretogram of NGS quality control checking point analysis.