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Genetic diversity of Trachycarpus fortunei(Hook.)H. Wendl germplasm resources in Guizhou by SRAP molecular markers analysis.

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2020 - 01 - 04

The study on genetic diversity and genetic structure of Trachycarpus fortunei(Hook.)H. Wendl resources in Guizhou,revealed its distribution pattern and variation trend,and provided scientific basis for the protection, development and utilization of T. fortunei germplasm resources in Guizhou. [Method] Based on SRAP molecular markers, 328 materials from 26 T. fortunei provenances in 7 agroclimatic regions of Guizhou were amplified. After electrophoresis analysis by Qsep 100 automatic nucleic acid protein analyzer,Popgene 1.32 and NTSYS-pc 2.1 were used to calculate the main genetic diversity parameters and perform the provenances clustering analysis. [Result] The genetic diversity of T. fortunei in Guizhou was rich,the percentage of polymorphic bands(PPB)was 97.31% at species level,the observed alleles(Na)was 1.9731,effective alleles(Ne)was 1.4717,Nei's gene diversity index(H)was 0.2689,and Shannon's information index(I)was 0.4212,but there were significant differences in genetic diversity at the provenance level. The genetic diversity(Dst)among the 26 T. fortunei provenances in Guizhou was 0.3305,which revealed that intra-provenance variation was the main source of genetic variation of T. fortunei resources in Guizhou. The UPGMA cluster analysis showed that the 26 T. fortunei provenances could be divided into four categories at the threshold of 0.91,and their genetic differentiation was related to the geographical environment. The Mantel test showed that there was a positive correlation between genetic differentiation and geographical distance(r=0.2651)in Guizhou,but the correlation was not significant (P>0.05). The gene flow(Nm)of T. fortunei resources in seven agroclimatic regions of Guizhou was larger than that of T. fortunei species in Guizhou(1.0129),indicated that gene exchange of T. fortunei resources was frequent in small areas. [Conclusion] T. fortunei germplasm resources of Guizhou have high genetic diversity,large differentiation between provenances, and huge potential of selection and breeding. In order to exploit and utilize T. fortunei resources better,combining with its genetic structure characteristics,the conservation strategy is put forward,which is mainly in situ conservation and supplemented by the construction of germplasm resource bank.

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