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Twenty-fourth Analysis Technology Exchange Seminar
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2018 - 05 - 19

Analytical chemistry is one of the most basic trainings for chemists and has long been a very important academic field in chemistry. Over the years, the analysis team has provided analytical and technical exchange seminars to provide domestic and foreign analysts with opportunities for academic and practical exchanges and publication of results. Unlike the “Analysis Group Academic Seminar”, this conference focuses on the research results of students who are currently studying at Shuo Shuo, and strengthens students’ ability to communicate, express and perform pre-service training. In addition, experts and scholars in the analytical chemistry community are invited to conduct research. Results report to enhance the analysis of the possibility of exchanges and cooperation among team members. It is hoped that with this conference, we will increase the research energy of analytical chemistry in Taiwan.

Strengthen the academic achievement and communication ability of master students, increase the possibility of analyzing the cooperation among the team members and enhance the research energy of the entire school.
the way :

The outstanding scholars at home and abroad were invited to give speeches and graduate students of the Shuo (Bo) students to report on the results.

Date of Seminar: May 19, 107 (Sat)

Workshop Location : National Taiwan Ocean University School of Life Sciences

Contact information
Contact Person : Mao Ruyi
Contact Tel: 02-2462-2192 #5526
E-mail : 24annualanalchemconference@gmail.