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BiOptic Inc. won A+ Industrial Innovation R&D Program

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2020 - 11 - 13

The winner of A+ Industrial Innovation R&D Program has been announced a few days ago. Based on our breakthrough technology and R&D Vision and Directions, BiOptic Inc. was finally selected by the committee and received the subsidies after several rounds of competition between many outstanding manufacturers throughout the world. Perhaps, the growing market share of BiOptic's products in over 50 countries might also be part of the winning factors.


COVID-19 pandemic crushes the global economic system. Lots of the industries are affected and their revenue reduced sharply. In consideration of operating costs, most companies choose to slow down the pace of research and development. Fortunately, BiOptic Inc. has established a distribution network around the world in the past few years. As we maintain strong cooperation and service capabilities with distributors, BiOptic Inc. still hit a new high in revenue while facing the COVID-19 threat. On the other hand, Taiwan succeeds in epidemic prevention because we have a sufficient supply of prevention materials. However, in the next stage of COVID-19 prevention, vaccines, drugs, and detection products will play the key role. In this case, as a leading member of the biotechnology industry, BiOptic Inc. must actively invest in R&D and technological innovation to bring out a helpful product on pandemic control.


Our current project is to develop a convenient portable detection platform, which is not restricted by the environment and clinical professionality. It is expected that the platform could be used for real-time and on-site detection in borders, campuses, and even in our home. Hopefully, this detection platform with high mobility and accuracy may improve the detection process and bring us back to normal life.