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2020 BiOptic Inc. Summer Internship Activity Started!

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2020 - 08 - 01

BiOptic Inc. has won the 2020 Taipei Biotechnology Award for Innovative Technology Award, which is definitely the result of the hard work of all employees of BiOptic Inc..


At present, the scope of BiOptic Inc.'s international business has reached more than 50 countries, and its products have also extended from instruments to detection reagents. Such a proud development is benefited from the excellent biotechnology Talent cultivated by Taiwan's universities and colleges. In recent years, BiOptic Inc. has actively cooperated with the biomedical related departments of several universities in the teaching activities and high school students' winter and summer biotech camps.


In order to enable these future biotech newbies to learn the practice of the biotechnology industry and better understand the future development of the biotechnology industry, so that they can better prepare themselves and make the best choice at the start of their carrier, BiOptic Inc. begins to recruit interns in 2019. Regrettably, due to the impact of the epidemic this year, the interns from French and American were unable to come to Taiwan. Although Taiwanese interns miss an opportunity for an international exchange experience. However, since BiOptic Inc. currently has several new research and marketing projects in progress, the interns will definitely gain a lot from the internship journey!