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Celebration! BiOptic Inc. obtains new patent!

Received the Republic of China Invention cetification No. I657138

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2019 - 04 - 21

BiOptic Inc. has been dedicated in R&D for many years, developing molecular biology and genetic analysis technologies, and creating products for modern genomics research.

Qamp MiniTM is designed to achieve polymerase chain reaction (PCR) for the amplification of the targeted DNA in a miniature device making molecular biology more fun in the field. With the Peltier heating & cooling module positioned at the center total of 1-8 samples can be analyzed efficiently and cost-effectively without sacrificing performance and quality. With it's compact size and One-Click to Go design, Qamp Mini is ideal in the field, laboratories or classrooms for epidemiology, veterinary, food testing, pathogen detection, ecology, archaeology research and education.

Qamp Mini received the "Thermalcycler" patent. In addition to the affirmation of BiOptic Inc., it is a great encouragement to the BiOptic Inc. team!

The BiOptic Inc. R&D team will continue to improve our expertise and develop better products!