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Industry-Academia Cooperation: Biotechnology Winter Camp

During the winter vacation in 2021, BiOptic has been invited by several universities, in which we introduced our technology and help students understanding what biotech industries are working on in recent years. BiOptic chose the topic that is more related to their daily life by using the Qexp-FS Meat 5-species kit, which is used to detect 5 species of meat, including cattle, pork, chicken, goat, and sheep. This kit can be applied to food safety issues such as fake meat, fake vegetarian foods and Muslim food.

【BiOptic X Global Bio& Investment Science Detection Project】

What is dementia? Everyone has heard of dementia, but do you really understand what dementia is? And how serious is the disease currently?

【BiOptic X Global Bio& Investment Science Detection Project-Qexp-MDx ALDH2 Genotyping Kit 

For Taiwanese, the mutation rate of ALDH2, the gene that regulates the production of acetaldehyde dehydrogenase, is as high as 48%....
2020 The Largest Taiwan Campus Event
2020 The Largest Taiwan Campus Event
Welcome to join us to experience the real Biotechnology Industry.

3 - 4 January 2020
Academia Sinica, TAIPEI
Booth #A8
2019 Taiwan Healthcare+ EXPO
2019 Healthcare+ Expo Taiwan provides solutions for medicine and health care. From all aspects of healthcare needs, the show strategically links the electronics, IT, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical device, precision machinery, precision medicine, and health management industries.
BiOptic is honored to be invited to participate in international acetaldehyde dehydrogenase gene conference!
Stanford University and Kaohsiung Medical University jointly organized an international acetaldehyde dehydrogenase gene conference from September 27 to 28, 2019.
BiOptic is going to attend LABVOLUTION 2019 Hannover, Germany
With the latest capillary protein analysis and new quantitative applications, BiOptic has introduced a new protein cartridge for protein analysis and quantitative reagent kit. In addition, BiOptic will also introduce food safety and veterinary testing reagents during LABVOLUTION. 2019 at Hall 20 stand B16.
Pittcon 2019 - The world leading annual conference and exposition on laboratory science
Are you still worried about the concentration quantification problem? Do you know the hottest application of protein detection by Qsep series? BiOptic has launched a new quantitative analysis kit and the new protein cassette application this year. Moreover, we will also introduce food safety and veterinary test kits. For more details, please visit our booth at 2019 PITTCON Booth #2258.
Meet BiOptic in ARABLab 2019
For making the application of the Qsep system more broad, BiOptic has launched a new quantitative analysis reagent sets. Moreover, the latest application on protein analysis cassette, new food and veterinary test kits will be met at Hall S2, Stand #938, 2019 ARABLab.