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2018 Taiwan Healthcare+ EXPO

2018 Taiwan Healthcare+ EXPO TAIWAN provides anyone, anywhere in the world with convenient access to high-quality medical services and the burgeoning biotechnology industry in Taiwan, all certified and quality assured. From the perspective of holistic medical care needs, it is connected to electronics, telematics, biotechnology pharmaceuticals, innovative medical materials, precision machinery, precision medicine and health care industries. In order to show the full scale of Taiwan's big health industry, the 2017 Taiwan Medical Technology Exhibition debuted, from birth to the end of the old as a series of main axes, more than 300 companies, hospitals jointly exhibited, more than 1,050 booths scale together to outline a big health The blueprint of the industry has enabled domestic and foreign countries to begin to understand the energy and sound of Taiwan's big health industry.
BiOptic Inc.., Ltd. is honored to be invited to participate. The Qsep full range of products, Qamp Mini and related reagent supplies will be on display at the show.

Meet BiOptic in ARABLab 2019

BiOptic will share our most updated break through in Bio-Fragment analysis in ARABLab 2019

Pittcon 2019 - The world's leading annual conference and exposition on laboratory science

PITTCON 2019 - BiOptic is looking forward to your visit at this world’s leading annual conference and exposition on laboratory science

BiOptic is going to attend BIOTECHNICA 2019 in Hannover, Germany

Please come visit our booth at BIOTECHNICA 2019

Bioptic Inc. will attend CE Pharm 2018 in San Francisco, CA, USA

CE Pharm is the forum for the discussion of recent developments in CE analysis of protein, nucleotide and small molecule pharmaceuticals.

Visit BiOptic in 5th International Conference on Polyamines: Biochemical, Physiological and Clinical Perspectives

Polyamine (PA) is considered to be essential for cell growth and metabolism. The presence of PA is almost universally found in many species of cells, and many literatures have pointed out that PA plays an important role in the physiological functions of cells in these species.

Twenty-fourth Analysis Technology Exchange Seminar

Analytical chemistry is one of the most basic trainings for chemists and has long been a very important academic field in chemistry. Over the years, the analysis team has provided analytical and technical exchange seminars to provide domestic and foreign analysts with opportunities for academic and practical exchanges and publication of results. Unlike the “Analysis Group Academic Seminar”, this conference focuses on the research results of students who are currently studying at Shuo Shuo, and strengthens students’ ability to communicate, express and perform pre-service training. In addition, experts and scholars in the analytical chemistry community are invited to conduct research. Results report to enhance the analysis of the possibility of exchanges and cooperation among team members. It is hoped that with this conference, we will increase the research energy of analytical chemistry in Taiwan.

Bioptic Inc. will attend analytica 2018 in Munich, German

BiOptic will be in analytica 2018, Hall A3, Booth #422A.
Please come visit us to know more about our products and new breakthrough in High-Throughput protein analysis

The biggest BioMedical products tradeshow in middle east of 2018, ARABLab 2018, is in Dubai.

We're looking forward to the coming ARABLab 2018 in Dubai!
Come visit us at booth #920, Hall S3 to see our total solution for Bio-Fragment analysis!


Please come and visit Bioptis's booth at #327 to see how Bioptic makes Plant and Animal Genomic research easy!!!