cfDNA (Circulating Cell Free DNA )


Cell-free DNA (cfDNA) is known to circulate in healthy and pathological conditions, and is present in plasma, serum, cerebral spinal fluid, and saliva. Nowadays, cfDNA is known to be a great target for Non-Invasive Prenatal testing (NIPT) and Liquid Biopsy for cancer diagnosis. The quality of cfDNA sample will strongly influence the downstream application, which makes it a very important step. 

To analyze cfDNA, we provide High Sensitivity Cartridge (N1, C105105) to detect sample down to picogram level since the concentration of cfDNA is low (1 to 100 ng per ml of plasma). With Qsep Series instruments, user can get reliable size and purity results of cfDNA in 2-3 minutes. 


What do we check in quality control of cfDNA?
For sizing, the common fragment size of cfDNA is the range of 160~200 bp. For purity, check if there is carrier RNA or genomic DNA remained in cfDNA sample. 


cfDNA sample extracted with carrier RNA. Carrier RNA signal merge with multimers. 


cfDNA sample with genomic DNA contamination