Qsep100 can aid in detecting both dsRNA and ssRNA fragments for various research purposes like virology. As Figures 1 and Figure 2 shown below indicated Qsep100 has ability to demonstrate the high resolution and to detect the dsRNA and ssRNA fragments clearly.  Furthermore, this can help researchers worldwide to resolve more problems in human diseases caused by RNA viruses and RNA related researches.

                                                                               ssRNA & dsRNA test results by Qsep100 

Figure 1: The ssRNA fragment analysis base pair numbers on these  peaks have matched the sample of NEB N0364S ssRNA ladder. This has proven that Qsep100 has the analysis ability to precisely detect ssRNA sample.

Figure 2:  The electrophoretogram has proven that Qsep100 has the ability to detect dsRNA by matching the NEB N0363S dsRNA ladder traditional gel run analysis.