BiOptic has assembled highly experienced and talented management team to lead the company. We bring together a team of leading scientists, advisers, highly experienced management and board of directors that will continue to provide the Company with a solid foundation with which to maximize its opportunities for success.

Each member of the BiOptic executive team has been extensively involved in creating and implementing successful business models in biotech assessment markets. The proven leadership of BiOptic's entire management team has positioned the company for a strong pattern of continued growth and development.

Eric Tsai, President / Operation Manager, Director

Eric Tsai obtained his Master of Engineering degree from University of Florida, and became chartered professional fire system engineer. In year 1999, he was in charge of the telecom information data center built up, which involves BMS, HVAC, Security, HV/LV Power System, Optical Fiber System, and also the Automation Control Systems. Thereafter, he worked for the Taiwan High Speed Rail Project as a system integrator in 2002. 

After he joined BiOptic, he managed the company's initial setup and operations. With his industrial experience, he successfully helped the OEM customer cutting down the production cost by 50%, and also provided products with the medical equipment certification of ISO 13485. In year 2009, he started to lead the R&D team to design the single channel CE system, and successfully introduce QSep100 in the Asia Market in 2011. 

Varouj D. Amirkhanian, Business Development / Director

Varouj is an Entrepreneurial Leader, Inventor and an effective Executive Officer with broad experience in bio-medical industry. He has extensive technical R&D and Operations background in biotechnology, consumer electronics, medical device and growth-oriented businesses. Varouj has over 25 years of work experience with leading companies such as Baxter Healthcare, Pfizer Schneider Laser Division, Premier Lasers, and  Beckman Coulter in the capacity of Lead R&D engineer/scientist designing and developing, medical lasers, diagnostics devices and analytical instruments. 

In year 2000 Varoujan co-founded BioCal Technology Inc., later renamed eGene, Inc. a publicly traded NASDAQ company which was acquired successfully in  2007 through M&A by Qiagen, Inc. At the time Varoujan was Director and EVP of R&D at eGene. He is currently a Director and Business Development at BiOptic and is intimately involved in the Technology and Business Development arm of the company. 

Varouj holds a B.A. degree in Physics & Math from Houghton and a B.S. degree in Industrial Engineering from ITT. He has published numerous technical papers and holds over 20 US & foreign patents. In addition he is an active mountaineer, back packer and member of Mixed Marshal Arts club. He is also founder and President of none-profit Ararat717 organization, that organizes expeditions in search of the Biblical Ark of Noah on Mountains of Ararat (www.ararat717.org)

Shing-Ching Lu, Chairman of Board 

MS from Taiwan University in CE: Shing-Ching Lu works as an engineering consultant for more than 30 years and finished more than 300 different projects in quite a broad band of categories including advance high tech factories of information technology, development of onshore and offshore wind farms, river rehabilitation and regulation, all kinds of coastal engineering ... etc..

He was elected to be the Exclusive Director of Taiwan Wind Energy Association in year 2011 and works as the Coordinator of  Industrial  Development  Board  Committee in Taiwan. He had also published more than 12 papers in the past couple years mainly for the new engineering concept beyond  the  petroleum  era  in human  life.

He is also a good business developer and formed quite many different kinds of companies in fields of biotechnology instrument manufacture, engineering consultants, electronic device manufacture, and wind farm developer...etc.. Takes the biotechnology instrument manufacture as an example, he was the Board Director of  BioCal Technology Inc., later renamed eGene, Inc. a publicly traded NASDAQ company which was acquired successfully in 2007 through M&A by Qiagen, Inc.

In year 2004 he formed BiOptic in Taiwan and launched a new R&D venture in year 2009 to develop a new biotechnology instrument called Qsep 100 within two years. He is currently the Chairman of Board in BiOptic and is good in different kinds of business strategy development and  execution  and will lead BiOptic to become a successful biotechnology company in a global scale.

Ming S. Liu, Ph.D., Director

Dr. Liu possesses more than 15 years of diversified experience in bio-products development, sales and marketing, business development, and operational management. He was previously the founder and CEO of eGene, Inc. a biotech company based in Irvine, California, and positioned the company for acquisition by QIAGEN (NASDAQ: QGEN) in 2007.

Sanger Hsu, Director 


-the Founder, Chairman, and CEO of a Taiwan and a China based electronic manufacturing companies for over 15 years. The companies specialize in designing, manufacturing, and marketing switching power supplies to worldwide computer and communication companies of major brands.
-the Founder, Chairman, and CEO of an USA and a Taiwan based communication components marketing & distribution companies for over 20 years. 
-the Director of the Board of a public published digital media distribution company for 8 years.

The director of the Board of Psygarden Book Publishing Company.
The director of the Board of Accucom Incorp., A wireless communication equipment design and manufacturing company.

The executive management consultant of Laica international inc, , A health-care consumer products company.

Chiawey Chen, Director

Present Position in Fichtner Organisation: Vice President

Specialisation:General management and project management

Years of Experience: 34 years

Education / Professional Achievements:  BS & MS Civil and Environmental Engineering, National Taiwan University /MS Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), U.S.A/Membership of Professional Societies:

Professional Engineer (PE), USA/Professional Engineer of Civil Engineering, ROC

For his entire professional career, Chiawey Chen has been involved with many multinational engineering projects, either in the USA, Asia or Africa. At present he is in charge of two power plant projects in Vietnam. He is also currently acting as an expert witness in an arbitration case in Singapore on behalf of one Chinese EPC contractor for one power plant project been terminated prematurely.

From 1997 onwards, Chiawey Chen has dealt with numerous incinerator and fossil power plant projects in Asian region, including turnkey and BOT incinerators in Taiwan, China, Macau and Thailand as well as power plant projects in Vietnam and Indonesia. He has lots of experience working with many internationally well known EPC contractors. He also possesses huge data bank on power plant and incinerator operation/maintenance and ample knowledge on other refuse related issues, such as sorting/recycling, RDF and landfill projects.

He has extensive experience of general environmental issues in the region (Taiwan, Macau, Thailand and China), strong project direction, management and delivery capabilities; Excellent communication skills and capacity to pinpoint the issues at hand directly. Superb personal skill to bring staff of different cultural backgrounds to work together and deliver. Fast in grabbing the core issues of all kind of problems. Strongly self-motivated person with vast interest in widely different areas and a very quick learner.